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Community centers knitting red hats for newborns during American Heart Month

Posted February 4, 2018 1:07 p.m. EST

— Folks at a local community center are knitting as many red hats as possible this month to go to newborn babies, and raise awareness for the American heart Association's Little Hats, Big Hearts campaign.

"We have a diverse array of programming like tai chi, Pilates, yoga, or today, quilting and stitching groups," said Ben Brock from Optum Care. He said three community centers have been competing to knit the reddest hats. Originally, they thought they'd have 50 to 100. Now, they have more than 1300.

"This campaign is to raise awareness for February, which is American Heart Month," Brock said.

"I came and it has been a love affair since," said Amalia Rubio, who moved here a year and a half ago and heard about Optum Care's knitting group.

"It's an amazing place, you socialize you have activities and it's an awesome group," she said.

"These hats go to the babies when they're born for February and each baby gets a hat to take home so this goes to babies with nothing on their head," said Lynette Rollins.

The hats will be given to the American Heart Association, who will hand them out to families at participating hospitals.

"This is for the babies and I love children and we do things for other people, we help other people," Rollins said.