North Carolina State Fair

Coffee, Tea, and Arni

Posted October 16, 2012 1:56 p.m. EDT

I had someone ask me what I drink at the Fair while taste testing all the crazy foods. And my answer: unsweet tea or water. The stuff I'm taste-testing often has enough sugar in it that I don't want to throw a bunch more on top of it!

My favorite place to get tea at the Fair is the Hot Fresh Mini-Donuts place, which is on the walk between the waterfall and the Expo building. 32oz drinks are $3 and refills are $2. I've never gone over there to get tea without having to wait in line, but the tea is always fresh and the line moves quickly.

The last time I was waiting in line I noticed that the booth now offered no less than five different types of "Arni" drinks. You may have heard of an "Arnold Palmer," which is half tea and half lemonade. Hot Fresh Mini-Donuts offers that but other variants as well:

Un-Arni - Half unsweet tea and half lemonade

Sunset Arni - Half sweet tea, half lemonade, splash of cherry punch

Sunrise Arni - Half sweet tea, half lemonade, splash of orange punch

Island Arni - Half sweet tea, half lemonade, splash of lemon lime

All these sound like a nice change if I can get a day where I'm not taste testing a lot of sweet stuff. I wonder if I can talk them into a Skinny Arni -- half unsweet tea, half lemonade, and a splash of sugar-free Hawaiian Punch?

Consider dropping by this booth if you're thirsty and want to try something a little bit different.