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Clayton homeowner angry after paying $20,000 for contract work left unfinished

Posted November 30, 2021 5:18 p.m. EST
Updated November 30, 2021 7:15 p.m. EST

— A Clayton homeowner is angry after paying more than $20,000 for a contractor to coat and stain their driveway – then being left with an incomplete, unaesthetic job.

The business owner promised several times to come fix the issues, but never showed up. That's when Tracey Hawkins contacted WRAL's 5 On Your Side.

Hawkins says Strickland Concrete made several mistakes, leaving the driveway with different colors, different textures and even scrapes and chips.

"The amount of money we paid, we shouldn't have to settle," she said.

Hawkins paid the company's owner Cale Strickland $22,500 this summer to pour, stamp and stain her driveway.

Near the garage, Strickland used a darker stain and a stamp that created a size and texture different than the rest of the driveway. Plus, she says the crew broke her sprinkler.

"He came back and carved extra lines to try to make this look not so obvious, and we were okay with that. We would be the only ones that would notice it," said Hawkins.

She was willing to "let go" the texture issue and broken sprinkler – but the color issue, she says, is just too obvious.

She asked him to come back and fix it – but the fixes caused more scrapes and chips.

"He’s come back twice, and you can kind of see where he’s kind of scraped things off," said Hawkins. "Now, not only is it a lot darker, but now you’ve got these pockmarks where he attempted to do something."

After not hearing from Strickland since September, she contacted 5 On Your Side.

Strickland told WRAL News that he had some personal things going on, but promised to finish Hawkins’ job the next day.

However, Hawkins said he never showed up. He also hasn't responded to follow-up calls and emails from WRAL News.

On his website, Strickland promises "quality work and honest service." These customers want to see that happen.

"I guess he’s just hoping that I’m going to go away, but I’m not," said Hawkins. "I paid way too much money to just go away and settle for a poorly done job."

Looking back, one thing Hawkins says she would do differently is not pay the balance until the job was done to their satisfaction.

As a rule of thumb 5 On Your Side always recommends paying no more than 10% down when you sign a contract, then pay more as work is done.

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