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Clayton County school leaders say proposed tax bill could cost district millions

Posted February 12, 2018 8:33 a.m. EST

— Lawmakers are expected to get an earful Monday from students and staff in one of metro Atlanta's largest school districts.

Clayton County school leaders plan to be at the state capitol to speak out on a controversial tax bill, they say will keep millions of dollars from helping local children.

It's not every day that a local school district takes on state lawmakers at the capitol but leaders say there's millions of dollars at stake.

It all centers around a house bill floating around the house, that has support from Governor Nathan Deal. It's called house bill 821.

The bill would eliminate the sales tax on jet fuel. Governor Deal says it will encourage airlines to add more direct flights from Georgia to global destinations. The governor says it can help level the playing field for airports and airlines to be more competitive.

But Clayton County schools say lost in the tax reform is a lot of money that can be used to help students. The district wouldn't be able to collect money if fuel becomes exempt from taxes. That could mean as much as $20 million.

"We find ourselves in a position that we could lose $20 million," says Clayton County schools superintendent Dr. Morcease J. Beasley. "It would mean less revenue for future projects."

A press conference will be held Monday morning at 9 a.m. at the Georgia State Capitol, located at 206 Washington Street in Atlanta.