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Civil rights complaint filed against Hillsborough school

The Office for Civil Rights is investigating Cedar Ridge High School in Hillsborough.

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HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — The Office for Civil Rights is investigating Cedar Ridge High School in Hillsborough.
A group of parents filed the complaint that alleges the district discriminates on the basis of sex because coaches of girls' teams receive lesser pay than coaches of boys' teams, are less qualified than coaches of boys' teams, and the district makes less of an effort to recruit and retain coaches of girls' teams than coaches of boys' teams.

It also alleges female athletes have less access than do male athletes to medical and training facilities and services, especially the weight room and athletic trainers.

“I not only want my daughter to have the ability to participate in the woman's athletics program in high school, but every parent that has joined me in this complaint, to the Office of Civil Rights, also wants their daughters to have the same opportunities that the young men have,” parent Elisabeth Penland said.

Some parents and students were upset with the school's administrators when in October Laurie Calder-Green was removed from her coaching duties after she reportedly yelled and swore at players. She remains as chair of the school's English Department.

In a written statement, the school district's spokesperson said the district could not comment on the matter.

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