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City working to make train horns less annoying

Posted June 12, 2018 10:17 a.m. EDT

— Neighbors in Old Town Lenexa will soon no longer hear the blaring sound of trains passing by.

The city council approved $350,000 to install a wayside horn system.

Right now, trains use the horns on their locomotives whenever they cross the intersections. Wayside horns, however, are stationary horns mounted at a railroad crossing. The system warns motorists by projecting sound down the roadway instead of down the track.

According to the city, when the noise is projected down the roadway, it will not be as loud.

"If you're trying to have a conversation you kind of have to stop the conversation for the train to go by," said Brian Clark, who lives across the street from the train tracks. "If [the city] could reduce the noise it would be great."

The city anticipates it will take about a year to install the system.

The city previously looked into creating a Quiet Zone, which would have cost about $2 million.

In May, city officials tested a wayside horn and said neighbors were satisfied with results.