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City: SeeClickFix has good first month

Posted February 17, 2011 12:38 p.m. EST

— Hundreds of problems, such as potholes and litter, were reported and resolved in the first month of use of a mobile and Web-based tool developed by WRAL.com, the vendor SeeClickFix and the City of Raleigh.

A report from the city states that people used SeeClickFix to report 316 problems in January, and more than three-quarters of those problems were resolved. A third were resolved in one day, and the average closing time was five days.

A third of the complaints were about potholes, and a fifth about traffic signs or signals. Other complaints concerned street lights, garbage or litter, sidewalks, graffiti, dead animals, grocery carts, stormwater issues, parks or greenways, trees, housing and nuisance violations.

"The tool has provided one additional, convenient method for citizens to report issues to us," the city's report stated. "(It) provides us with aggregate data on issues and performance that we can use to continue to prove our service response."

Residents sometimes use the tool to report issues that fall outside Raleigh's city limits, the report noted. Those complaints are passed on to the appropriate state or local agency.