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City of Raleigh appealing decision on modern Oakwood house

Posted March 20, 2014 1:30 p.m. EDT
Updated March 20, 2014 10:39 p.m. EDT

— The City of Raleigh announced Thursday that it is appealing a Board of Adjustment decision that could stop construction on a modern house in the historic neighborhood of Oakwood.

The homeowners, Marsha Gordon and her husband Louis Cherry, are pleased of the city's decision.

"We are grateful that the City of Raleigh has decided to join us in appealing the decision of the BOA to reverse our RHDC-granted COS," they said in a statement. "We hope that this appeal will ultimately save other property owners and homeowners from ending up in a similar situation."

Neighbors had filed a complaint that the home, at 516 Euclid St., is too contemporary for the character of the neighborhood.

Marsha Gordon and her husband were granted necessary permits to build the house, including a certificate of appropriateness from the Raleigh Historic Development Commission.

But three months after the foundation was poured, the Board of Adjustment voted to reverse the certificate, which may halt construction on the home.

“The appeal is being filed with Wake County Superior Court because of concerns about procedural irregularities,” the city said in a statement.

The Raleigh Historic Development Commission’s building guidelines for historic areas allow new construction if plans reflect an “understanding of and a compatibility with the distinctive character of the district setting and buildings.”

The guidelines also say new construction in historic neighborhoods can enhance the district.

City Councilwoman Mary-Ann Baldwin said leaders felt it was best to have an "objective third party" look at the issue.

"As a former Oakwood resident, it hurts to see how the neighborhood has been impacted," she said. "People have strong feelings on both sides. The city needs to support a fair solution."