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City of Atlanta officials meet to discuss public transportation limitations

Posted May 14, 2018 10:28 p.m. EDT

— City of Atlanta stakeholders got together to discuss the area's transportation infrastructure and the issue goes beyond maintaining roads and bridges.

Fredrick White is one many Atlanta residents struggling with the areas of public transportation limitations.

White says it takes him three hours to get downtown from his home in College Park. That includes a mile walk to the closest bus stop and then the bus' schedule prevents him from getting to any job that begins before 8 a.m.

"If it's a job opportunity on the northside around 8 o'clock I can't take it," said White. "Because I would not be able to make the commute."

But Monday, community leaders came together to discuss the area's infrastructure problems and come up with solutions for people like White.

"That CEO is still making the decision on where to locate but they are basing it on one thing, where's my talent... talent is driving every economics development decision," said Brandon Beach.

Transportation Committee Chairman Brandon Beach says companies targeting the area want to insure their workforce has adequate access to transportation and to keep those businesses happy, law makers are now tackling the problem. These are sentiments echoed by Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

"If we are looking to balance out the city and relieve that congestion, we have to look at it's impact on our neighborhoods given people the opportunity to live in other areas of the city and also have access to transit so they can get around there community," said Mayor Bottoms.

But while city officials work out the details those like White says they have little options.

"There are certain jobs that if you don't have a car you're just not going to be able to take because you need a car to take because the bus don't go out there and certain areas the bus stop running," said White.

Officials tell CBS46 they will be meeting to appoint members to a new transportation board who's goal will be to address some of the concerns.