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Christmas night brings freezing temps, slick roads across the metro area

Posted December 26, 2017 11:22 a.m. EST

— Freezing temperatures have once again set in across the Portland metro area and the roads have begun to ice up in places.

Earlier in the day, snow and ice from a winter storm that blew through on Christmas Eve had begun melting, but by nightfall colder temperatures moved in and some of the moisture on the roads began to refreeze.

"Yesterday was a lot worse than today," Alex Vidal said.

He had come up to the West Hills from northwest Portland Monday night.

"When I went out this morning to walk the dog, it was just crunchy and slippery and icy or whatever, but the roads were fine. Just drove from NW Portland to here and no problem," Vidal said.

Other drivers like Heather Gaitan echoed that.

"We didn't venture out until the early afternoon and by then it was slushy more than icy but still, still some bad spots," Gaitan said.

But by nightfall the roads had begun to freeze again.

Multnomah County deputies said they were called to a crash on I-84 eastbound at NE 223rd Monday night around 5:30.

Deputies said good Samaritans had stopped to help the driver when a second vehicle lost control and crashed into the first vehicle. One person had minor injuries from the second crash.

They said drivers are urged to remain cautious while driving on East County roadways in the winter weather.

Portland Bureau of Transportation and Washington County officials urged the same message. Several roads in the West Hills were closed because of icy conditions. Chains or traction tires are required on cars heading up and down Burnside in the West Hills.

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