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Casino worker strike in Las Vegas could have major impacts

Posted May 24, 2018 12:08 p.m. EDT

— A culinary union strike could cost Las Vegas hundreds of millions of dollars.The Culinary and Bartenders' unions voted to approve a potential city wide strike.

More than 50,000 workers prepared to strike if they don't come to an agreement with casinos by June 1.

"Even if there's not a full-blown strike, there will definitely be more demonstrations and possible walkouts of various hotels until there's a deal," explained UNLV law professor Ruben Garcia.

He said the last major strike caused major impacts.

"In 1984, the industry was a bit smaller and yet still there was more than $75 million in losses in wages and benefits. I think in today's dollars that's about $250 million."

Since then, the industry's grown tremendously.

"I think we're likely going to see, if there's any kind of a long strike, even a week or so, likely to see heavy losses on both sides," Garcia said.

With major events like the Stanley Cup Final right in the middle of this, a strike could be detrimental.

"There could be a full strike with rooms not getting cleaned, food not getting served, drinks not getting served," Garcia said. "The possibility of walkouts or street demonstrations that would tie up traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard."

It's something both sides said they hope to avoid.