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Cary Parents Help Kids Understand Terrorism

You may think your child has weathered the terrorist attack well, but how sure can you be?

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CARY — You may think your child has weathered the terrorist attack well, but how sure can you be?

Two families created a workbook that can help you know your child's true reactions, and it has been field tested on kids.

The book is no storybook. You might call it a journal or a workbook. It is a guide to help children cope with terrorism and war, and it was not written simply by adults for children.

"It really was a collaboration between adults and children," pediatric psychologist Lauren Flick said.

Flick and her friend, Sonya Yankoglu, created the booklet, and their children provided the art.

"We do want parents to see where their child is with understanding what happened and where their fears lie and how they can feel safe again," Flick said.

Alex Yankoglu and Colton Flick gave their mothers advice on which questions made sense to kids.

"If I were the president, I would... And if I were a superhero, I would... Those are the ones I liked the best," Colton said.

The book walks children through the plane crashes, the rescue work, the scary stuff, and makes it less frightening.

"It was fun and it just seemed like it could help children a lot," Alex said.

And when you finish the booklet with your child, there is a little prize on the back.

"It's a little thing that has red, white and blue on it. You wear it to show you're proud to be an American," Alex said.

Flick and Yankoglu gave away all 100 books they had.

"We'd like to be able to get this book out to as many people as want one," Flick said.

Demand exceeds supply right now, but the final message of the book is one the parents are depending upon -- the last page reads: "I am proud to be an American."

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