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Cary neighborhood takes aim at woman's anti-crime sign

Posted March 12, 2014 7:15 p.m. EDT

— The homeowners association in a Cary neighborhood has threatened to fine a woman who posted a graphic sign outside her home to scare off would-be burglars.

The sign reads "Nothing Inside is Worth Dying For" and shows the outline of a man used for target shooting that had been shot twice in the head and five times in the chest.

"What is a security sign supposed to do? It's supposed to deter crime," Laurie Cherico said Wednesday.

Cherico moved to the Carolina Preserve at Amberly development in November and posted the sign more than a month ago, saying making sure her grandchildren feel safe is important to her.

"Anything to deter crime, why would somebody be against that?" she asked.

Apparently, the homeowners association for Carolina Preserve, which recently notified her by letter that the sign might violate the community's design guidelines.

An association spokeswoman said Wednesday that the content of the sign isn't an issue, but Cherico didn't apply for permission to post it.

"We have security signs in the neighborhood, and I thought this is my security sign," said Cherico, a gun owner who has a conceal carry permit.

She said security signs typically don't need prior approval, but the association spokeswoman said other residents have complained about the sign.

The matter will go before an association committee, and she could be fined $100 per day if the panel finds the sign violates the rules and she doesn't remove it within 15 days.

"I intend to, you know, go all the way with it," Cherico said.

The association spokeswoman said no one in the 1,300-home community has ever been fined for a violation.