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Cary Finds No More Problems With Reclaimed Water

Posted August 3, 2007 6:57 p.m. EDT
Updated August 3, 2007 9:21 p.m. EDT

— Public utility workers have found no other homes with reversed potable and lawn-watering pipes in a Cary neighborhood where four homes had reclaimed waste water coming from their taps, the town announced Friday.

Cary began resampling the water at all new homes in its reclaimed water district after the problem at the four houses was discovered.

Town Manager Bill Coleman said in a news release Friday that he is preparing a report on the incident, why it happened and what could and should have been done differently.

Coleman hopes to present the report to the Cary Town Council later this month.

Town officials believe water-meter lids got switched during construction of the new homes prior to the town’s installation of the meters. The town delivers reclaimed waste water through a separate system that is supposed to be connected only to watering systems.