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Caravan of water supplies Flint residents

Posted April 8, 2018 11:30 a.m. EDT

— A caravan of water arrived at a city water distribution center in Flint around 2 p.m. on April 7.

The water drive was organized by Divine Toiletries, a non-profit organization designed to help people in need.

For many, the water crisis in Flint has not dried up and distribution centers have become vital to the area.

"If that was me in Detroit, and I had to use the water for everything, that's a lot," said Delores Sanders, the woman behind the water drive and caravan in Flint.

Although not from the area, her organization, Divine Toiletries, helps out those who are less fortunate.

They help by shipping over 200 cases of bottled water by truck, van, and SUV across the state and distributing them for free, which she said can really make a difference.

"Especially people that's on a low fixed income, you really wouldn't have a lot of money to buy water," Sanders said.

This comes despite yesterday's announcement that the state would be ending it's bottled water distribution in Flint, due to test results showing lower lead levels.

But Sanders believes this water is even more necessary now.

"I heard about that last night, which even makes it more motivational for me, to start giving more water for Flint," Sanders said.

Sanders said they're not leaving until each case of water is gone.

"All water got to go and if we need more water, we'll go to the store and buy us another bottle," Sanders said.

This was Sanders's first time hosting the event and she hopes she can continue it over the next three to six months.