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Cape family desperate for power to ease burden on boy with cancer

Posted September 22, 2017 4:04 p.m. EDT

— 12 days after Hurricane Irma tore through Southwest Florida, a large majority of homes in Cape Coral have had their power restored and are getting back to normal. But one family caring for a seriously ill child remains among the few waiting to get their power back, and patience is wearing thin.

When massive trees are uprooted the way Hurricane Irma left so many in Florida, they break power lines and snap power poles like twigs.

But the thing is everyone who lives along Santa Barbara Place in Cape Coral has power, except for two families -- and one of them needs power immediately.

"I need power today to help comfort my son, who is undergoing chemotherapy, a very tough stage of chemotherapy." Stage 4 lymphoma to be specific, Judith Tolbert tells us.

Neighbors are making the same plea. "We're begging the power companies to come out here as soon as possible and put their power on for that child," says Pete Kelak.

Cramps from the boy's medication are eased by baths with epsom salt, which he's been unable to take.

"LCEC is fully aware of his medical condition. We have told them. They even received a letter from his oncologist. I get no straight answer from LCEC," says Tolbert.

Fox 4 called LCEC to try for a better answer. A company spokesperson says the pole and the lines both need to be fixed and that's the reason for the delay.

They say crews have restored almost all power in Cape Coral, meaning it shouldn't be much longer.

But meanwhile, Judith's wait isn't getting any easier. "Get out here and get the power back on. Not for me, but for my son."