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Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?

Posted June 8, 2010 7:38 a.m. EDT

My husband and I were so excited when we found out a new little Melvin would be joining the crew that neither one of us inquired about the sex.

It didn't matter because we knew that our child would receive unconditional love. Plus, it wasn't like we had a choice in the matter anyway.

By the time my doctor announced the arrival of my son, I was so exhausted and elated that I don't think it registered that I was about to raise a man-child. Later I reasoned, "Hey, I have a husband, a bonus son, two brothers AND four nephews so this should be a breeze." (Say it with me now, "yeah. right!")

My older brother and I were really close growing up and my younger brother seemed like a babydoll to me, therefore, I didn't have a lot of experience in the sibling fight department. Furthermore, my parents just wouldn't allow it. But someone really could have warned me about the wrestling matches that have recently broken out between my sons.

Maybe it's just me, but isn't 19 months old a little too young for that? Apparently not, because I've witnessed my baby attack his 13-year-old brother like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Sometimes if you look close enough, just moments before he jumps on his brother's back, you can even see his right eyebrow go up (like The Rock). I feel so bad for my 13-year-old because he just takes the abuse from the little guy.

But when I see JP getting out of hand, I send them to their separate corners (bedrooms, that is.) Making matters worse, on occasion, I've found myself on the receiving end of one of the "People's Elbows" (see footage of The Rock in the ring). And you KNOW playtime is over once mommy catches an elbow to any part of the body.

So where did all this agression come from? Beats me. We don't even watch wrestling or mixed martial arts in my household. Not that we're against it. My husband and I just didn't want to encourage aggresion. A lot of good that did.

I've come to the simple realization that he's a boy, so I guess a little rough housing is to be expected. After all, it could be good practice for pee-wee football.

I guess I'll just have to get in on the act by sewing costumes and screaming, "Can You Smell What The Rock is Cooking?!"

Miriam Melvin is the mom of two boys - 19 months and 13 years - and a producer at WRAL-TV.