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Cabinet company ships 'warped' doors

Posted May 3, 2018 11:16 a.m. EDT

— A Tempe homeowner is looking forward to updating her kitchen, at least, she was looking forward to it. That's because Kendra Sollars ordered new cabinet doors off the internet, but what she got was not what she was expecting.

"I installed a brand-new sink, I installed a new faucet," Sollars said.

When it comes home improvement projects both inside and outside her home, Sollars certainly has an eye for detail.

"I like to take things apart and build things," she said.

As a matter of fact, she's been recognized by the City of Tempe for helping to beautify and improve her neighborhood.

So when it came time to give her kitchen a facelift, she wanted 21 new cabinet doors along with hinges to be installed.

She went online and found an East Coast company that specialized in just that.

"Narrowed it down to Cabinet Door World and everything seemed OK," she said.

Cabinet Door World is based in North Carolina and according to its website, it makes cabinets, drawers and everything in between and ships across the nation.

Sollars says she liked what the company had to tell her. So after measuring out her cabinets, Sollars ordered 21 cabinet doors and paid the full amount up front.

"It was like $1,562.05," she said.

But weeks later when the cabinet doors arrived, Sollars was not happy with what she received.

"I panicked. I contacted the company and said I can't use any of these," she said.

The cabinet doors Sollars showed 3 On Your Side were cracking, had separating seams and were in horrible condition.

"Clearly, I mean, it's not well constructed," she said.

Sollars complained and Cabinet Door World shipped her 21 replacement doors, but they, too, were in bad shape and not usable at all, according to Sollars.

"Probably one of the most frustrating things I've dealt with," she said.

3 On Your Side got involved and we discovered Sollars isn't the only one complaining about Cabinet Door World.

In fact, the company has logged nearly 70 complaints and has an "F" rating with Better Business Bureau.

And to make matters worse, the BBB named Cabinet Door World one of the "Five Worst-Rated Charlotte-Area businesses of 2017," citing "delayed shipments" and materials that were "badly damaged" as the reason for the poor rating.

3 On Your Side also uncovered consumers in other states include Rhode Island, Florida, Michigan, Texas and California also filed complaints with the North Carolina Attorney General's office.

3 On Your Side wanted to know if Cabinet Door World was interested in resolving Sollars' issue and we wanted to know what they had to say about all the other complaints filed against them.

While they failed to address all those complaints with us, they did agree to issue a refund to Sollars.

In an email to 3 On Your Side, the company's owner said he would reimburse Sollars nearly $1,600.

"I just need my money back because I know they can't deliver on the product that they advertise," she said.

Sollars has shipped the doors back to the company as they requested. She's supposed to get a total refund of $1,500 and she'll be reimbursed half of the shipping which is around $50.

When she gets her money, we'll let you know in a follow-up report.