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Busy Mom's Life: Taking care of myself

Posted February 7, 2011 8:00 p.m. EST

It's the typical mom thing. Lately there's been no time to take care of myself. I've been working, tending to sick children and in general not having very much fun. My grays are getting out of control and there's simply no time for color. That -- I can live with. But when I realized I forgot to make important medical appointments ... well, that's another thing.

I forgot my annual check-up, my mammogram and the list goes on and on. Why? Too busy. When it does come to mind, there's no convenient day or time to schedule an appointment. I feel guilty for any time I spend away from work or from the kids. This type of guilt is more than alarming; it’s downright dangerous.

You would think I could remember to make my own medical appointments having grown up in a house with a mom who fought cancer not once, but twice! It's like a permanent string around my finger. But not even the fear of my mother’s wrath could get me to pick up the phone.

The busy mom's life doesn't have time for doctor's appointments, working out or anything else healthy without a bit of sacrifice. My trips to the gym take place at 5:30 a.m. when the kids are still sleeping. Eating on the move is the norm. The days are filled with children's appointments, school-related obligations, work responsibilities and the general "to do list" that occupies everyday life.

While personal health issues become a major inconvenience, if I don't start making changes -- there are sure to be consequences. So for the sake of my girls, I'm picking up that phone and making those appointments. They deserve a mom who not only takes care of them, but takes care of herself as well.

Guilt shouldn’t rule my health. I hope it doesn’t rule yours.

Aysu is the mom of three girls and assistant news director for WRAL-TV.