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Businesses fear losses as snow forced holiday shoppers to stay home

Posted December 11, 2018 8:35 p.m. EST
Updated December 11, 2018 10:51 p.m. EST

— Nearly everything came to a screeching halt during the snowstorm Sunday and Monday, meaning several local businesses were forced to take a loss.

Hayden Densmore said she feels a sense of urgency when it comes to her holiday shopping list.

“I was hoping to get it all done in the weekend and that didn’t happen, so now I feel like everyone’s out and about trying to get it done,” she said.

The snow didn’t only shut down schools and roads, it shut down retail locations.

“We are a very customer service-based company and we take pride in that and we weren’t really able to provide that for our customers the last couple of days,” said Elexa Lawrence, sales lead at the Impeccable Pig in Cameron Village.

As a local boutique, Lawrence says every day leading up to Christmas counts. The store was closed all day Sunday and half of the day Monday as a result of the storm.

“Sundays are usually busy days, it’s steady traffic. “We have a greater volume of sales than we do most days, other than Friday and Saturday, and we have a steady amount of people coming in and out of the store. That’s really where we capitalize,” she said.

By Tuesday, people had returned to the shops, which was a hopeful sign for owners.

“I just hope that we didn’t lose consumers to online shopping. That’s the only thing that would actually make the difference,” Lawrence said.

"I actually did do some online shopping," Densmore said. "I did a lot on a snow day just to kind of feel like I got something done."

Still, Densmore admitted there's something different about getting out and touching the products in stores, and that's what retailers are banking on for the next two weeks.

The National Retail Federation says holiday shopping is expected to be up 4.3 percent this year over last year.