Medical imaging company relocates to Triangle

Posted June 5, 2008 1:08 p.m. EDT

— A medical imaging company announced Thursday it would be relocating its North American headquarters to Raleigh.

Medis medical imaging systems, Inc., currently operates its headquarters in northern Virginia.

Medis officials said the company will hire three new employees.

“The Research Triangle Park area is an excellent place for us to find the professional talent we need to prosper,” Medis director of operations and sales, North America, Jake Siar said.

Siar said the company also has plans for further expansion.

Medis creates software solutions for various medical specialties, including cardiology, radiology and neurology.

Medis is a privately owned company, which was founded in 1989 as a spin-off of the Leiden University Medical Center’s Laboratory for Clinical and Experimental Image Processing (LKEB) in the Netherlands.