Technology in Nonprofit World: Examples to Follow

Special report from Philanthropy Journal demonstrates how nonprofits around the world are utilizing technology to deliver their messages and interact with their constituents.

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The latest in Web and Internet technology is being used by many nonprofits around the world to deliver their messages and to interact with donors and constituents, The Philanthropy Journal says in a special report published on July 25.

Private businesses can also benefit from the examples these nonprofit organizations have embraced,

Articles include:

Nonprofits Using New Media to Engage

With technology becoming more widespread and easily accessible, particularly mobile and wireless devices, nonprofits are finding innovative ways to use new media to spread their message and engage constituents more interactively in fundraising, advocacy and delivery of services and information.

The Spread of Viral Fundraising

Based on the passion and energy of one individual, an idea can catch on and spread like wildfire – with minimal help, or control, from nonprofits. That’s the power, and potential, of viral fundraising.

Online Mobilization Magnifies Voice

Whether through dynamic, multi-media web pages, networking in online social communities, or leveraging the latest wiki and widget tools, nonprofits are using technology to engage their supporters and dynamically transforming their capabilities,

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