State’s Jobless Rate Increases to 4.8 Percent

However, number of people working remains near all-time high. State has added more than 75,000 jobs over past 12 months.

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RALEIGH, N.C. — North Carolina’s unemployment rate in April jumped from 4.5 percent to 4.8 percent in March, but those people with jobs remain at near all-time highs, the N.C. Employment Security Commission has reported.

Despite the increase, a spokesperson for the ESC stressed the overall employment figure. More than 4.3 million North Carolinians are working. While that’s a drop of 7,000 from March, it’s only 9,000 less than the record 4.32 million who had jobs in February.

“As long as employment is near all-time highs, we think we’re OK,” Andy James of the ESC said Friday. While expressing concern about those who have lost jobs or can’t find work, James noted that the one-month jump was not at this point a trend.

North Carolina’s jobless rate reached 5 percent in September of 2006 and dipped to a low of 4.5 percent in February and March.

The national unemployment rate for April increased slightly to 4.5 percent.

Since April of last year, the state has added 75,781 jobs.

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