Tire Recycler to Expand in Harnett County

Posted March 19, 2007 2:09 p.m. EDT

— A tire recycler announced Monday that it would expand in western Harnett County, creating up to 22 jobs in the next two years.

Central Carolina Tire & Disposal plans to invest $2.5 million in the expansion. The 12-year-old company currently employs 50 people in its Johnsonville location.

“This investment will allow us to diversify into other markets,” said Tim McNeill, sales manager with Central Carolina Tire. “We’ll have the new equipment up and running by August or September. Then we’ll begin hiring about 11 highly skilled employees and 11 support staff.”

Central Carolina Tire is one of only two tire-processing facilities in the state, said Pam Moore, Environmental Specialist with the state’s Division of Waste Management. Together, they process the bulk of the estimated 8 million used tires that drivers of cars and trucks take off their vehicles every year.

The companies grind the rubber into smaller pieces, creating “crumb rubber,” which other companies use to produce highway asphalt products, septic tank drain fields, carpeting materials, athletic fields, playground mulch, welcome mats and even fuel.