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Burglars haul off ATM from Hoke store

Posted October 4, 2012 1:26 p.m. EDT

— Hoke County authorities are searching for three men who used a pickup to tear the door off a convenience store late Wednesday and haul away an automated teller machine inside.

Security cameras at the Zip-N-mart No. 2, at Arabia and Gold Course roads, showed the masked men, who wore long-sleeve shirts and gloves, backing the pickup up to the front door, attaching a chain to the door and the truck and using the truck to pull the door open, authorities said. The men then loaded the ATM into the truck and drove off toward the Rockfish community.

The truck is described as a dark-color, extended-cab pickup with dual rear wheels and silver coloring along the bottom. It had a silver tool box in the truck bed, an oval sticker in the upper right corner of the rear window, amber clearance lights on top and a long, whip-style antenna.