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I never saw the movie but I love the concept:  developing a bucket list – a list of things you want to do before you die or “kick the bucket.”

What is your bucket list? Please share. 

Beach music radio star Charlie Brown sent me an email about his wife Sue who checked off an item on her bucket list by working as a volunteer for a dog sled race in the Yukon. This is something Kelcey Carlson would like to do one day. Elizabeth Gardner’s bucket list includes an African safari. 

I’ve come up with ten items on my bucket list.


(1) Serve as a hurricane or earthquake relief worker.

(2) Orchestrate a dozen of my songs about NC and have them performed by the NC Symphony.

(3) Take my band Lorica on a musical tour across Spain.

(4) Compile a list of the world’s best ten hiking trails and then hike them.

(5) Take my family on a long vacation to Scotland and Ireland.

(6) Finish writing a vocal musical album about NC history.

(7) Take a train ride through the Canadian Rockies.

(8) Finish touring all of America's national parks.

(9) Take a family rafting trip in the Grand Canyon.

10) Run a marathon


I'd love to read your list.

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