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Bruegger's National Friendship Day freebie!

Posted July 26, 2011 1:29 p.m. EDT
Updated July 26, 2011 1:31 p.m. EDT

To celebrate National Friendship Day (which is apparently Sunday, August 7 - who knew?), Bruegger's is offering a free bagel and cream cheese when you register for their e-club! 

Here are the details about the deal from the e-mail Bruegger's sent:

"On August 1st, Breugger’s will notify all of it’s current eClub members that if they refer 3 of their friends to join Bruegger’s eClub, Bruegger’s will send the current member a special “Thank You” coupon for a BOGO Bagel and Cream Cheese sandwich valid August 1 through August 12.

This is how the offer works:

-Bruegger’s will send an email to it’s current registered eClub members on August 1
-Current eClub members click on the email and provide 3 valid email addresses for their friend(s) and family member(s).
-The current eClub member would click submit and be sent to a coupon page containing a coupon for them to print.
-Meanwhile, each referred friend will receive an email notification containing a registration message, including
a. Free Bagel & Cream Cheese for signing up
b. Additional offers throughout the year
c. New Product News
-The friend will click on the message and be sent to the eClub registration form. Once they click submit, they will receive a Welcome Message with the Free Bagel & CC offer."

If you sign up to be new eClub member by July 30th, you will receive a coupon for a free bagel and cream cheese with any coffee or beverage purchase for joining Bruegger’s eClub. The coupon expires in a week. Then on August 1st, as a registered member of eClub, you will receive your Friendship Day BOGO offer!

Click HERE to sign up for the Bruegger's e-club and get your free bagel and cream cheese coupon!