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Brooklyn couple witnesses rat emerging bathroom sink drain

Posted July 17, 2018 3:20 p.m. EDT

— Most New Yorkers have seen rats before, but a Brooklyn couple wasn't expecting to see a rodent crawl of of their bathroom drain.

"He was pointing at the sink and I look and I just see a rat emerging," Bari Finkel told PIX11 News, recalling the horrifying scene that unraveled inside the bathroom of her Bed-Stuy apartment she shares with her boyfriend Alex Goulet.

The couple say they were left unnerved after seeing the baby critter emerge from the drain.

"You see something like that in the comfort of your own home and it takes you back quite a bit," Goulet said.

They tried to capture the rat, but the attention proved to be too much for the rodent.

"Eventually it went back down the hole," Goulet said.

Amid screams and nervous laughter, Finkel snapped photos of the rat – sharing them on social media where they went viral.

"It has about 30,000 likes and a lot of retweets - I think its even a meme," she said.

While the story of a rat making its way up your sink or even your toilet is rare, it does happen.

Experts say if you live in a building that's more than 50 years old, you should be concerned.

According to a plumber who spoke to PIX11, older buildings constructed before 1960 tend to have plumbing traps that easily dry up due to cracks in the copper or drains not regularly used, leaving the pipe susceptible to uninvited guests.

Newer buildings and updated systems, on the other hand, combat rodents by using PVC plumbing.

While some would've started packing their bags, Finkel and Goulet say they're just going to keep the sink hole cover on for now.

"You know it's a trade-off for living in the city," Goulet said. "Occasionally you see a rat and for us it just happened to be in our bathroom."