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Bring a Spring Feeling to Your Home with Flowery Decor

Posted December 31, 2014 9:45 a.m. EST

Isn't it ironic that just as the daylight hours start getting longer, the worst of the wintry weather begins to hit? In the Northern Hemisphere, the solstice is December 21 or 22, but that doesn't signal that wintertime is done. Far from it. Depending on where you live, you may well be in for another three months or more of snow, ice, and temperatures that will nip at your nose. What can you do to keep your spirits up? Well, we are very fond of flowers of all colors, shapes, and sizes. And a touch of beautiful flowery decor is an easy, inexpensive way to bring a spring feeling into your home. Here are 7 different horticulture-inspired "home improvement" projects.

1. Fresh Flowers

There is nothing quite as flowery as, well, flowers, especially splashy ones that fill a room with bright colors and sweet scents. Vibrant even in the dead of winter, hyacinths are a great favorite. Buy potted Hyacinthus orientalis plants with tightly closed buds so you can watch -- and smell -- them bloom inside your home. Ahh! Then save the bulbs to plant outdoors next fall.

2. Wallpaper

Join the 80s revival. Wallpaper -- and semi-abstract flower patterns -- are back in style. This paper's pastel tones are easy on the eyes, yet anything but boring. It would be perfect for redoing a boudoir or hanging in your living room as an accent wall (yes, another "old is new" style that's hot right now).

3. Wall Stickers

A very 21st century type of wall decor is peel-and-stick decals or graphics. Perfect for renters -- or people whose tastes change often -- the oversized stickers are as easy to remove as they are to apply. And don't worry about waste; many types are specially made to be reusable. Even if they're not, home decor fans report that they can be successfully re-stuck with (what else?) wallpaper paste.

4. Wreath

Hang up a cheery wreath. Real blossoms tend to be rare these days, not to mention fragile. Instead, why not try twining a circlet of yarn and embellishing it with adorable wool roses? Voila! You've created fabulously faux decor which can be enjoyed all year round.

5. Vignette

Another fast way to add flower power to your home is with a DIY visual vignette. This new type of art form assembles very personal collections of lovely objects to create simple but charming scenes that are so much more than the sum of their parts.

6. Cabinet Hardware

The kitchen and bathroom fashion trends for 2015 are spotlighting cabinet hardware that combines form with function. Add a third dimension -- sophisticated fun -- with strikingly attractive knobs painted to resemble intricate petals.

7. Edible Arrangement

If you really, really hate the cold and snow, winter may bring you down to the point where you just want to forget your food plan and cheer yourself up with a sugary snack. Here's a delightful treat for your eyes as well as your palate. In fact, this edible "floral" arrangement is so sweet looking, you may be content to get a low-cal lift by simply gazing at it.

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