National News

Bree Steffen

Posted December 27, 2017 3:29 p.m. EST

— A San Diego man gave a life-saving gift to a woman he didn't even know.

Jeff Bramstedt doesn't shy away from things that would scare most people, but his greatest feat came in the form of a stranger.

A sister, mother and wife, Melinda Ray was a woman dying in Colorado unless she got a liver transplant.

"I think part of it is and I think the majority of it is, it's just not ok with me that someone would die if people just sit around on their hands. And I'm kind of a do something type person," said Bramstedt.

Bramstedt flew to Colorado to give Ray 30 percent of his liver. "I've never had a little sister. Now I have a little sister we actually share DNA. In that we basically share an organ and I just love her."

They both still bare scars, a daily reminder for just how great life can be when you aren't afraid to take a leap of faith.