Brain Game

Get your crania in gear for the smartest half hour on television. High school teams compete on WRAL's Brain Game.

brain game

The smartest 30 minutes on television is back!

In its 27th season, WRAL's Brain Game celebrates the return of in-person competition, a LIVE audience and, of course, our host Mark Roberts.

WRAL is teaming up with Wake Tech Community College for a Brain Game like you’ve never seen before!!! All 24 episodes of Brain Game will be recorded from the Wake Tech Community College Scott Northern Wake Campus. Our new studio location, in partnership with Wake Tech means family, friends and classmates can cheer on the teams during the contest.

Each show will feature two teams competing head-to-head through 9 categories of trivia, with the winner advancing to the next round. So get your crania in gear as we get ready for a new season of Brain Game!