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Body of missing fisherman Nik Kayler found

Posted January 10, 2018 2:55 p.m. EST

— UPDATE: The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says the body of missing fisherman Nicolas Kayler has been recovered.

It said Kayler's body was found Wednesday morning by a commercial vessel near the Clewiston water tower on Lake Okeechobee.


It's day six and still nothing to report on the search for missing fisherman Nik Kayler. He disappeared last Thursday during a fishing tournament out on Lake Okeechobee.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials confirmed Kayler's boat hit rough water and threw him into the water.

As the search efforts continued Tuesday, we learned about critical technology used to by volunteers.

Richard Bowie is the director of DEEMI, a search and rescue organization. He says many of the volunteer groups are using the SAR app which allows volunteers to make sure they're not searching the same area over and over again.

"It makes the search more efficient and reasonable and it also provides safety to the search and rescue teams that are out there."

Meanwhile, this is day number two for Joe St. Cyre.

"We did a search of the southwest corner of the lake." He came all the way from the Orlando area. St. Cyre is the director of Florida Airboat Search and Rescue.

"Airboats are good for searching in inland water and areas that other boats can't get into," said St. Cyre.

He was just one of the many resources along with search and rescue dogs out on the water Tuesday helping search for Nik Kayler.

"People care. Just because you don't know somebody doesn't mean that you don't care," said Ramon Iglesias, the general manager of the Roland Martin Marina in Clewiston.

It's been the starting point for many of the volunteer groups involved in the search.

"We had eyes in the air. Eyes on the water and the heroes, those guys out there looking and searching, they're going to find him."