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Bobi Wine says police seized his passport, 'violated rights' on return home

Posted September 21, 2018 11:01 a.m. EDT

— Ugandan politician Bobi Wine said security forces seized his passport and "violated his rights" when he arrived in the country Thursday following treatment in the US.

The musician posted on social media Friday that he was harassed right from the tarmac at the Entebbe airport and "forced into a police vehicle" on arrival.

Wine also said the police arrested his family members, lawyers, and supporters who had come to welcome him at the airport but later released them in the evening.

The popstar-turned-MP, also known as Robert Kyagunlayi, alleged some of his supporters were then placed under house arrest.

"Once again my rights were grossly violated, but most importantly the rights of my friends, family, and lawyers who endured gross harassment throughout the day. Many of them were arrested and only released later in the evening without any case against them," Wine said in a series of tweets.

Wine is facing treason charges but was allowed to travel out of the country while on bail to seek medical treatment for injuries he said he sustained in military custody following his arrest on August 13.

The allegations have been denied by the President and security forces.

Ugandan police spokesman Emilian Kayima also denied Wine's latest allegations.

"Not one supporter was manhandled. It was largely a very peaceful return home for Bobi," Kayima told CNN.

Wine has gained widespread popularity and sympathy since his arrest alongside a dozen opposition MPs after rioting broke between rival parties following a local parliamentary election.

Police in Uganda banned all gatherings by his supporters ahead of his return to the country on Thursday.

They said only immediate family would be allowed to meet him at Entebbe Airport, yet two of his brothers were among a dozen people detained attempting to get to the airport to welcome Wine.

Law enforcement from the airport escorted wine to his home where his supporters had gathered to welcomed him, a government spokesman said.

The head of Uganda's Media Center thanked Wine for "cooperating with law enforcement officers at Entebbe airport who provided him with a chauffeur driven car, escorts and traffic clearance."

Bobi Wine "is safely in his home with family and friends in Magere," Ofwono Opondo P'Odel said on Twitter.