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Bobcat sighted by hikers as it perched on saguaro

Posted June 18, 2018 5:27 p.m. EDT

— A bobcat climbed to new heights Monday morning, as it was spotted perched on top of a large saguaro along a hiking trail in Buckeye.

Two bikers saw the cat while biking along the Verrado Lost Creek Trail around 8 a.m. Monday.

Philip Houck and Doug Carter took pictures of the bobcat with their cellphones and were shared by Houck's wife, Nancy.

Houck and Carter said the animal was panting and looked hungry. The bikers knew there was a nearby golf course, so they tried to help the animal down to lead him to water and later called animal control.

The animal eventually climbed down and ran away.

Although Houck and Carter did not know what caused the cat to scale the cactus, bobcats have been known to climb tall trees and even saguaros to escape from predators.

Bobcats are very adept climbers and have tougher paws than the average house cat, helping them remain immune to the saguaro's prickly needles and escape to safety.

The bobcat did not appear injured when it eventually climbed down from the saguaro.