Blogger who posted offensive image no longer writing for John Locke

Blogger who posted offensive image no longer working for John Locke Foundation.

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Mark Binker

John Locke Foundation President John Hood says on his Facebook feed that the blogger who posted an offensive image of President Obama no longer works for his group.

In a Facebook post, Hood said that he was "embarrassed and angered today. Earlier this week, a freelancer who blogs at the John Locke Foundation's Charlotte site posted a piece about President Obama's opposition to North Carolina's marriage amendment. It included an illustration that was offensive and utterly inappropriate for our blog or anyone else's. A reader brought it to my attention yesterday, and I had it removed immediately, but... the damage was done. I'm sorry I didn't see it earlier and I'm deeply sorry it was our site for any length of time. The political discourse in our state and nation has grown increasingly coarse, unnecessarily personal, and destructively vitriolic. This is the kind of episode that can only make the situation worse. We should be able to disagree about controversial issues without it coming to this."

He says in a comment on the post that the blogger, Tara Servatius, has resigned.

"She is no longer a contributor to our site," Hood wrote. He added, "I would have made that decision for her, but she beat me to the punch by ending her role."

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