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Bling Your Home with Glamorous Glass Tiles

Posted December 4, 2015 6:45 a.m. EST
Updated December 7, 2015 9:19 a.m. EST

Gotta love those glamorous glass tiles! Rich-looking, modern glass tiles bring a whole new dimension to home decor. Not only do they come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes, the tiles have a unique quality of being able to reflect light, blinging up the atmosphere in an attractive shimmery way. Durable glass tile is also hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and both stain- and mildew-resistant. Up until now, kitchens have been the place to spot these trendy tiles, but now they're beginning to play a starring role all over the home.


Install a glass tile backsplash behind your cooking and cleanup area for wall protection that enhances the beauty of the kitchen in a big way. Savvy homeowners know, though, that backsplashes are not just for kitchens anymore ...bathrooms can benefit, as well.

Bathroom Wall

Your bath is most likely the smallest area in your whole house. That's why this essential room needs an extra punch of decorating pizzazz. Apply glass tiles to a bathroom wall -- to safeguard the shower enclosure against moisture or to create an imaginative accent wall.

More Beautiful Bath Ideas

Embellish your vanity countertop, tub front, or floor with glass tile for big impact in this small space. Or design your own floor-to-ceiling mural. TIP: When tiling a bathroom floor, do be sure to use a slip-resistant sealant or choose smaller-sized tiles which will require more (anti-skid) grout.

A Unique Mirror "Frame"

Builder grade bathroom mirrors are famously bland and boring. Rev yours up a notch or two when you enclose it in a DIY glass tile "frame."

Flooring Solution

Are you stuck with an awkward transition between two rooms or two different types of flooring? Glass tiles can come to the rescue, cleverly changing a klutzy gap into an elegant design feature.

Fireplace Makeover

In your living room or den, a fireplace may be a handsome feature or an ugly eyesore. It all depends on the looks of your fireplace surround. If it's definitely past its prime, install glass tile to update to the 21st century.

A Lovelier Lampshade

Upgrading light fixtures with homemade lampshades is a simple and fun project. Glass tiles will give a glowing touch of bling that is especially lovely when you switch on the light.

Furniture Facelift

Rescuing furniture from thrift stores -- or even the side of the road -- is a great way to decorate on a dime and reduce landfills. You'll make an old table feel new again when you apply a little glass tile trim.

Outdoor Installation

Glass tiles work just as well in the great outdoors as they do inside your home. Adorn a patio, pathway, or swimming pool deck with their sparkly good looks.

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