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Black Men with Beards 2018 Calendar is available now!

Posted January 16, 2018 1:31 p.m. EST

— For the second year in a row black men with beards are coming together for a cause. 12 guys from New Orleans were selected to partake in the calendar shoot this year, each man was hand selected for their community involvement.

"You don't just get in because you have a beard," laughed Greg Tillery, the nominee for 2018 beard of the year. "They check your background, where you work, what your community involvement is, how you help out the citizens of New Orleans."

Fans of bearded man can choose between two calendars, a hand crafted calendar printed on 5x7 Fine Art Paper and comes with 6 Double Sided Calendar inserts, or an 8.5 x11 wall calendar of beautiful bearded black men from New Orleans. A portion of the proceeds will go to Cafe Reconcile, a non-profit in New Orleans that provides workforce development and training, promotes entrepreneurship, working with businesses, nonprofits while building strong communities through community economic development.

"Black Men With Beards is not only a space of creative content highlighting black men in the highest light, but a brand created to uplift, support and empower black men in owning their body image while defying stereotypes. Through our constant work of spreading positive imagery as well as telling the stories of the everyday black man, we're doing our part to rewrite the narrative of how he should be perceived," said Erin Freeman.

The "Beard of the year" Greg Tillery was chosen for his service to the community. Greg is well known as the owner of We Dat Chicken and Shrimp. "Greg represents all that is well when we talk about that narrative. What he and We Dat's mean to the city of New Orleans as well as the demographic of black males who need representation the most makes this partnership more significant and special. Knowing that a void will be filled and needs met when its released has everyone very excited to be working together in this capacity. We can't say just what what we have in the works, but its coming down the pipeline sooner that you think."

Calendars are now 50% off, going for $25.