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Bill Leslie: November windsong

Posted November 19, 2019 6:09 a.m. EST
Updated November 19, 2019 6:16 a.m. EST

— November is my favorite month for walking in the woods.

In November the wind becomes a song instead of a noise.

The wind creates gentle ripples on the water in November.

Cedar Crosstree

There is still fall color left to appreciate.

And the sound of crunching leaves.

My favorite place to take a walk in November is the Cedar Cross Retreat Center near Louisburg.

There are four miles of trails in this 52-acre forested sanctuary.

Cedar Cross calls itself a place to reflect, learn, re-connect with nature and deepen your spiritual life.

I’ve been coming here in November for several years now with friends from Cary Presbyterian Church.

We spend most of our time in silence here letting our worries and busy thoughts flow down stream.

There is a beautiful labyrinth here.

And a lovely lodge where we spend the night.

The food is scrumptious, including Snickerdoodle cookies for dessert.

The quiet chill of November is good for the soul.

It’s good to take a break when our busy lives are spinning out of control.

Scarlet Maple

It’s good to renew, recharge and refresh in the autumn glow of November.

It’s been said that nature reveals to us a beautiful part of ourselves we could not find anywhere else.

Donald Miller says we can learn from these trees in November.

As he puts it: “All of them are losing their leaves but not one of them is worried.”

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