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Bikers shed 'tough guy' image with toys for kids

Posted December 21, 2012 3:44 p.m. EST
Updated December 21, 2012 6:32 p.m. EST

More than 30 Raleigh motorcycle clubs are trading in their bikes for a 40-foot trailer this week to make sure kids have presents this Christmas.
The Turning Point Motorcycle Club and 36 other motorcycle clubs are holding a week-long toy drive to fill a big trailer with toys for underprivileged children.
"It's the most gratifying thing I do," Keith Trigg, president of the Turning Point Motorcycle Club, said. "I look forward to this."
Someone is at the trailer 24 hours a day, and some club members have been sleeping there.
The motorcycle enthusiasts say in addition to helping children, the toy drive helps dispel stereotypes that all bikers are tough guys.
"The biggest misconception is when we get labeled out of our name, from a motorcycle club to a motorcycle gang," Trigg said. "It's important to give back to your community. We do that a lot."
The only noise these bikers are hoping to cause is revving their engines to drop off the donations.

"The ruckus they think we cause, it's nothing like 'Sons of Anarchy,'" biker Angela McKinnon said. "This is not a boys thing, it's an anybody thing."