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Bike-sharing company hopes to clean streets with new staff

Everywhere you go you see them; tons of bikes cluttering the streets of Dallas.

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DALLAS, TEXAS — Everywhere you go you see them; tons of bikes cluttering the streets of Dallas.

Now, LimeBike, one of the companies behind the mess, said it's going to do everything it can to fix the problem.

"We want to clean up the city and give the best customer service," LimeBike Operations Manager Jeff Roberts said.

This is good because the city of Dallas has already made it clear: something`s got to give! LimeBike has already released instructional videos on how to "lime responsibly".

Maybe the videos weren't scary enough for people to pick up the bikes. So, LimeBike will host hiring events to create a bigger presence in the area.

"With the increase in the size of our fleet and our operations here in Dallas and the DFW area, we`re looking to expand our team by 2 times".

The team is going to need the extra help. Especially since the company announced it would be dropping motorized bikes in cities across the country.

Anyone interested in assisting in the company's efforts can click here to be screened to join the LimeBike team. If that`s not your style, you can still help during the Dallas community clean up day at White Rock Lake.

"We're calling all volunteers to come out, grab a LimeBike and fill the basket up with litter and things that we find along the trails. So we want to clean up the shoreline, the trails and the parks surrounding White Rock," Roberts said.

The event is happening Saturday, February 10 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at T & P Hill Park.

It`s good to see LimeBike 'shifting gears'. Let's hope it actually helps.

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