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Best friends find WWI-era bomb

These two friends found a bomb that could date as far back as World War I.

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Matthew Witkos
LINDEN, MI — These two friends found a bomb that could date as far back as World War I.

The two girls found the explosive device in a spot where they play all summer.

"I told her I was like we found a rocket," 10-year-old Paige Burnett.

Burnett and 9-year-old Sage Menzies did what any kid would do on a hot day and jumped into Lobdell Lake to cool off. The two of them were playing a game in the water not too far offshore.

"I was like a treasure finder," Burnett said.

This time, these treasure hunters found something they've never seen before.

"Finally pulled it out of the water, oh my gosh, it looks like a rocket, it looks like a rocket they send down from space," Burnett said.

It wasn't a rocket from space, but the two friends found a piece of history lost in the muck for decades.

"It's a practice bomb, and they think it's from World War I or World War II, just before it," Menzies said.

The bomb squad didn't take any chances with the old explosive device and neither did their parents.

"Our moms told us to stand back so we didn't get hurt or anything," Burnett said.

The trained professionals drilled a few holes to prevent the bomb from exploding. Now the two are keeping the relic and seeing if they can find any more treasures lost in the lake.

"We found a lot of stuff in the past years and hopefully we find a lot more stuff," Burnett said.

The two also found a boat propeller in the lake before the bomb.

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