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Best Fair Food

For a lot of people, the fair means an excuse to throw out any thoughts of a diet and indulge in a tasty fried treat!

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The sights and sounds of the Midway will soon welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors to the North Carolina State Fair.

For some, the draw to the fair is the rides. Some come to see the animals showcased in the agricultural exhibits. Many will demonstrate their hand-eye coordination on a game. But, for a lot of people, the fair means an excuse to throw out any thoughts of a diet and indulge in a tasty fried treat!

Between working at the State Fair for WRAL and going with friends and family, each year I get several opportunities to try the delicious fried delights of the Midway! These are my five favorites!

Fried Oreos are the best! Most of the vendors give you two or three in your order. The chocolate is gooey and gives the breading the taste of chocolate cake. The melted icing in the middle gives the snack the perfect amount of sweetness. Add a touch of powdered sugar on top, and you’re ready to go with a messy but delicious State Fair staple.
I loved Twinkies as a kid. For some reason though, I was skeptical of the idea of a fried Twinkie at first. But, it’s wonderful!

I skipped getting one last year, but it’ll be tops on my list this year. The cake, the icing in the middle, and the deep-fried breading all mix together perfectly to taste like a super-sweet, extra moist birthday cake; and who doesn’t like birthday cake?

Everyone raves about the fried Snickers bars, but unfortunately, I have a peanut allergy. So fried Milky Way is for me.

I have to admit I can’t eat the whole thing, and it’s a dessert that’s nearly impossible to share, so some of it goes to waste. But, it’s the most gooey, richest fair treat you can imagine. Be sure to get extra napkin, sit down and enjoy the melted chocolate and caramel goodness.

Fried Kool-Aid makes my list simply for the novelty of it. It is no culinary masterpiece, but oh so fun. With the consistency of a hush puppy and a slight taste of strawberry, it tastes almost like cornbread with jelly on it. It’s a snack to share. And it’s just plain fun to claim you ate fried Kool-Aid.
Rounding out my Five Faves is fried Mac and Cheese.

Macaroni and cheese is my favorite food. I love it – from fancy mac and cheese to the boxed kind you make at home, I can’t really say I’ve ever eaten mac and cheese I didn’t like. So, why not deep fry it? I got an order of fried mac and cheese last year with a side of marinara. The marinara tasted great with it.

Tell us what you think? What’s the must-eat deep-fried fair food?

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