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Best Cook Out milkshakes

Posted March 28, 2012 11:24 a.m. EDT
Updated July 13, 2018 2:20 p.m. EDT

The dog days of summer are approaching fast, what better way to enjoy the hot summer day with a milkshake? The milkshake is the darling of summer. They go with each other, like hot dogs and baseball, or, peanut butter and jelly.

One of the best places around the Triangle to get a milkshake is Cook Out. With more than 45 flavors offered, any conversation about Cook Out involves a conversation (and sometimes lively debate) about the best one. 

Below are our five favorite shakes at Cook Out: 

cook out milkshakes

Chocolate Cherry -  Fans of this Cook Out milkshake will enjoy the spectacular combination of milk chocolate and luscious red cherry. It is a sweet and satisfying choice during that hot summer day.

milkshake cookout

Chocolate Chip Mint - Another solid pick, this flavor holds no surprises for milkshake lovers and delivers every time a delicious product that never gets old.





milkshake cook out

Double Chocolate - Chocolate fans rejoice! This milkshake combines the crucial ingredients of chocolate, and MORE chocolate (just in case one dose of chocolate wasn’t enough). It is for the die-hard chocolate lover, and can be the perfect ending to anyone’s day.




cook out milkshake

Oreo - Hidden under the guise of “Oreo,” this milkshake shares many resemblances with the classic flavor of Cookies and Cream. It doesn’t matter what it is called, it still tastes delicious every time.

Vanilla -  A classic. It is one of the first flavors to be offered for milkshakes and is still going strong today. Some people would like to opt out of all the confusing ingredients of the other shakes to enjoy this oldie – but – goodie flavor.


And we looked into our pet photo archives and turns out humans aren't the only ones who enjoy Cook Out milkshakes: 

Lucy from Rocky Mount (right) loves Peach Cobbler milkshakes from Cook Out. 

Lucy Parker


And Katie here enjoys a good Cook Out milkshake too! 

Cook-Out's new Spokesdog







This poor dog needs a spoon! 

Zoe and Milkshake cup






With Cook Out's extensive list, we couldn't name all of our favorites. Give us your picks in the comments section below.