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Being present in the moment: Local life coach helps moms embrace the moments

Posted May 9, 2021 8:56 p.m. EDT

Courtesy: Kinly

Editor's note: Sara Davison is founder of Kinly, a Triangle-based parenting platform designed to connect families of young children with programs, services and support.

Kamini Wood's work to support women and mothers is inspired by her own experiences as a mom of five kids, ages 7 to nearly 20. She knows the challenges that both new moms and experienced ones face can feel lonely and overwhelming. Her goal is to create a safe space to collaborate with her clients and assist them on healing any self-doubt or false beliefs, so they can be fully present in their lives.

Wood does this by working as a professional certified coach with specialty certifications in life coaching, teen life coaching and wellness coaching, among others. She's also trained on Conscious Parenting. Wood is married and lives with her family, including two dogs, in Wake County. She works with individuals all over North Carolina and the world through virtual sessions.

We checked in to learn more about her work. Here's a Q&A.

Sara Davison: Having a baby is a huge transition in anyone’s life – especially for the mother. What are the kind of ways you commonly support new moms in your coaching practice?

Kamini Wood: Having a baby is a life-altering experience. Oftentimes, the transition into motherhood is overlooked. Once the baby arrives, some moms feel a sense of loss of identity while others may feel overwhelmed and self-doubt. When these feelings arise, some moms may feel a sense of guilt or may even feel a bit lonely. My practice is creating a safe space to explore the emotions, feelings and needs that arise. When we are able to do this, we are able to create mindset shifts that allow my clients to truly embrace who they are and what they want. We work on releasing comparison to others and comparison to the way “it should be” into the way it is for each client.

SD: What has been the biggest challenge you’ve seen for new moms, especially when it comes to their mindset as a mom?

KW: There are a few challenges that I have seen with new moms and experienced moms. One challenge with new moms is trying to figure out who they are now that they are a mom. They sometimes struggle with that transition. Other new moms really face postpartum depression and the sense of guilt that comes along with that. New moms and experienced moms oftentimes face the challenge of comparison. From the very beginning of life, our children are compared to a growth chart and measured in percentiles. It is sometimes difficult to not measure what we are doing as moms to external standards.

SD: What is your top tip to help new moms to healthily navigate through their role & identity as mother?

KW: The relationship with oneself is the most important. So, my biggest tip for moms is truly learning to be self-compassionate. This involves, a few things. One is to be kind to oneself over judgement. When something does not go as planned, instead of jumping into judgement of self, asking the question, “what did I learn for next time?” It also entails recognizing the concept of common humanity. Others have had similar struggles and it's OK to ask for support. You do not need to be a superhero. You are amazing just as you are. And lastly, self-compassion includes an element of mindfulness. Learning to be present in this moment, not ruminate on the past or live in constant worry of the future, but to be here and now with yourself and with your child.

SD: What do you love the most about what you do?

KW: Working with my clients and being witness to their insights and shifts is an indescribable feeling for me. Being witness to someone else seeing all their gifts, uniqueness and worth and watching as they live into who they are meant to be is something I will never tire of.

SD: Tell us a little more about your practice and how you can support new moms with your services.

KW: I am a professional certified coach who has several specialty certifications. My practice is set up to work one-on-one with clients as well offer group programs. The packages offered range depending on the customization each client chooses. I support new moms in learning how to adapt to their new role, figuring out this new identity and giving them a safe space to understand the range of emotions and feelings they have without judgement. Through our work, new moms feel more confident in who they are and the choices they are making for themselves as well as their child.

My practice is also part of the Kinly network. Kinly is an ecosystem of support for the modern parent to access parenting expert & wellness professionals, education & community care,

You can find Kamini on Kinly HERE.

Kamini Wood (CLC, CPC, CPM) is a member of the Kinly Collective, a group of vetted experts from the Kinly parenting platform that are selected to provide free parenting resources, advice and tips to local families in the form of videos & interactive ‘Ask The Expert’ sessions. Resources are currently free for all Triangle families, visit or follow the Kinly Instagram or Facebook.

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