Bedford Cheese Shop Expands in Order to Compete

Posted May 7, 2018 3:24 p.m. EDT

NEW YORK — Bedford Cheese Shop does not stand still. The Williamsburg flagship has moved and been enlarged more than once (a Manhattan branch on Irving Place opened in 2014). Now they’re at it again, driven by the opening of Whole Foods nearby, said Jason Scherr, an owner. They have added an “appetizing” section, the New York term for Jewish Eastern European specialties like smoked and cured fish, which are sold by the pound or on bagel sandwiches. They’ve also enhanced their line of prepared foods, started selling beer and wine on tap and installed an espresso bar at a central island surrounded by increased seating. “We can’t compete with Whole Foods on groceries so we’re doing more with prepared foods and personal interaction,” Scherr said: Bedford Cheese Shop, 265 Bedford Ave. (Grand Street), Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 718-599-7588,