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Beaverton woman says her dog was killed by another dog during walk

Posted January 10, 2018 5:55 p.m. EST

— A Beaverton woman is sharing her terrifying story about a walk with her dog that turned deadly.

Tanya Strejc says her walk on Jan. 2 started out like any other. She had walked her 13-year-old Australian Shepherd, Boomer, on Southwest 160th Avenue countless times before.

Just after 3 p.m., Strejc had Boomer on a leash about five feet ahead of her and that's when she says two dogs came out of nowhere, and one of them, a large Mastiff-mix, latched on to Boomer.

Strejc says she started to scream for help but Boomers collar came off and the dog started to drag him away. Strejc says she kicked the dog and the two ran off but Boomer was seriously hurt.

Strejc called 911 and neighbors helped her wrap Boomer in a towel. One of the neighbors drove her to the vet but Boomer died before vets could take a look at him.

Now a week later, Strejc says she is still in shock and heartbroken.

"He was just playful, so playful, and he was so fun and he just loved his walks. That day I almost went to the gym but I know how much he loved his walks," said Strejc. "Dogs, we are their whole life, they are part of our life but we are their whole life, and I just miss him."

Animal control told FOX 12 the dog that Strejc says attacked Boomer, attacked and killed another dog in 2015 but that owner never pursued any legal action.

The second dog, a yellow Labrador Retriever, was not involved in the attacks.

Strejc says she doesn't want something like this to happen to any other dog, or even worse, a child. She doesn't believe the dog should be on the streets any longer.

Strejc had to write a report before the dog's owner could be cited. Now they have up to two weeks to respond and plead guilty or not guilty.