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Beavers may be to blame as flooding leads to removal of four homes

Posted April 30, 2018 7:59 a.m. EDT

— A DeKalb County neighborhood hit hard by flooding is determined to find a permanent solution to an on-going problem. Some homeowners in the area are actually blaming the flooding on beavers.

Some residents say dams that beavers have built are clogging a nearby creek and have caused so much flooding that four homes in the area have needed to be removed. Those residents now fear that more properties and people are at risk.

You can already see the earth decaying and soil is sinking into the creek and many say the problem will only get worse. Those residents say that getting rid of the beavers is the only solution.

But not everyone agrees.

Fred Syre, who lives in the area, believes the beavers are valuable to the ecosystem located outside his backyard. What he wants is a plan to preserve this area and the money to implement it.

CBS46 questioned the city of Tucker and we've learned that because this is such a pressing issue, officials are allocating $10,000 to fix the problem.The money will be available on July 1.