Beantown? Sin City? Dayton's airport working to add nonstop destination

Posted November 30, 2018 11:24 a.m. EST

DAYTON, Ohio -- The Dayton International Airport has set a goal of adding direct air service to one new market next year.

In 2018, the airport added nonstop flights to Houston, which were so popular that United Airlines increased the size of its aircraft. The airport has direct flights to 17 locations.

Dayton aviation director Terry Slaybaugh said the airport hopes to add new service in 2019 and is focusing on Boston but also is targeting Las Vegas, Nevada, and Phoenix, Arizona.

Passengers from Dayton already fly to Boston, but two-thirds depart from other airports in the region, he said.

Delta could serve Boston, and the airport remains in talks to try to get a direct flight to the city, he said.

The airport's capacity has declined over the years but it still has direct service to as many markets as a decade ago, Slaybaugh said.

"We've been able to maintain service, which is really important to the business community," Slaybaugh said.

Passenger traffic at the airport has bounced back even after the facility lost Southwest Airlines in 2017.

The Dayton airport has direct flights to Atlanta; Charlotte, North Carolina; Chicago; Dallas; Denver; Detroit; Houston; Minneapolis; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; New York (two airports); Orlando, Florida; Philadelphia; Washington, D.C. (2 airports); and St. Pete-Clearwater and Punta Gorda, Florida.

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