Posted July 20, 2018 9:35 a.m. EDT

JULY 1: Douthat, Bruni, Kristof, Dowd

JULY 2: Blow (no Krugman)

JULY 3: Brooks, Krugman, Goldberg

JULY 4: Bruni, Friedman

JULY 5: Kristof, Stephens (no Collins, Blow)

JULY 6: Brooks, Krugman (no Goldberg)

JULY 7: Stephens, Egan, Cohen (no Collins)

JULY 8: Douthat, Bruni, Dowd (no Kristof)

JULY 9: Blow, Leonhardt

JULY 10: Brooks, Goldberg, Krugman

JULY 11: (no Bruni, Friedman)

JULY 12: Blow, Stephens (no Collins, Kristof)

JULY 13: Brooks, Krugman, Goldberg

JULY 14: Cohen, Stephens (no Collins)

JULY 15: Douthat, Dowd (no Bruni, Kristof)

JULY 16: Blow, Leonhardt

JULY 17: Brooks, Goldberg, Krugman

JULY 18: Friedman (no Bruni)

JULY 19: Stephens, Blow (no Collins, Kristof)

JULY 20: Brooks, Goldberg (no Krugman)

JULY 21: Egan, Stephens, Cohen (no Collins)

JULY 22: Douthat, Bruni, Dowd (no Kristof)

JULY 23: Blow, Leonhardt

JULY 24: Brooks, Goldberg (no Krugman)

JULY 25: Bruni, Friedman

JULY 26: Blow. Stephens (no Kristof, Collins)

JULY 27: Brooks, Goldberg (no Krugman)

JULY 28: Cohen, Stephens (no Collins)

JULY 29: Douthat, Bruni (no Kristof)

JULY 30: Blow, Leonhardt

JULY 31: Brooks, (no Goldberg, Krugman)

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