Baryshnikov Arts Center Announces 5 New Fellows

Posted December 6, 2018 6:36 p.m. EST

NEW YORK — To celebrate the centennial of choreographer Merce Cunningham, the Baryshnikov Arts Center will support five artists this year rather than one as Cage-Cunningham fellows. The organization announced Tuesday that Charles Atlas, Tei Blow, Phyllis Chen, Liz Gerring and Silas Riener are to be awarded fellowships.

“On this special occasion in 2019 we honor the collaborative spirit that Merce Cunningham epitomized by giving fellowships to five artists,” Mikhail Baryshnikov, the Baryshnikov Arts Center’s founder and artistic director, said in a statement. “It’s our way of celebrating Merce’s 100th birthday: with a diverse group of innovative artists and their collaborators in the studio experimenting, creating and sharing art.”

Baryshnikov Arts Center received several designated gifts to make a financial increase possible; this year it has $100,000 to award, up from $50,000.

Atlas, a filmmaker; Blow, a multimedia artist; Chen, a composer and musician; and Gerring, a dancer and choreographer, will also receive 40 studio hours spread throughout the fellowship period and an additional residency week. At the end of their weeks, each will present a studio show open to the public.

As a part of his fellowship, Riener, an alumnus of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company and a dancer and choreographer, will conduct workshops on Cunningham’s technique and choreography for students at New York University, the Ailey School, the Juilliard School and Harvard University. These will culminate in a lecture-demonstration by Reiner and the students on Feb. 16 at the Howard Gilman Performance Space.